Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Auckland's Volcanic Field.

1850 map of Auckland Isthmus and volcanic field. 

Location map showing Auckland basaltic cones and maar craters.

As we know, Auckland sits upon a vast [largely active] volcanic field. It is the geomorphic setting that has shapped the region and the isthmus. I have become interested in the water bodies [maar craters] that were formed by volcanic activity, therefore a part of the network of the volcanic field.
This is a possible area of investigation. Apart from the visual markers of our geological history [that being the volcanos dotted around Auckland], we can also acknowledge - and make connections with - the formation of areas of the coastline and subsequent bodies of water as a result of volcanic activities.

THEREFORE:  potentially allowing the mechanism for the formation of our region and natural landmarks to speak to another realm of urban interaction with landscape, that being the water-bodies of the maar craters.

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